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Philippine international trade strategy chapter 12

philippine international trade strategy chapter 12

Islamic traders were fierce rivals. THE portuguese IN africa AND asia. Trade provided sufficient revenue so Mughal leaders could shift taxes from kind to monetary payments, thus creating a more efficient and effective system and supplying the throne with more funds. Briefly explain what is meant by each of these concepts as it relates to the theory of international trade. Portuguese traders sought profit, not colonies. Factionalism among the Spaniards, however, meant that war only continued before the Spanish crown intervened. In the center sat the Indian subcontinent, with its vast cities, exotic goods, and productive manufacturing centers. He also translated the Bible into German so common people could read.

Chapter 12: Contact, Commerce, and Colonization

The Atlantic World, europes accidental discovery of America opened a new epoch in history, but it was European diseases, not guns, that had the greatest impact. Grand architecture and art, gold, silk philippine international trade strategy chapter 12 brocades, pearls, carpets, perfumes, and so forth, decorated palaces and elite homes throughout the empire. European Jesuit missionaries seeing Chinas greatness firsthand marveled at the wealth and liveliness of the cities. Bans on foreign trade were ignored as Chinese goods were exchanged for silver. Military advances in gunpowder ensured they could compete in a hostile environment. Europeans gained more than gold from the New World.

The military might of Babur only increased under his grandson Akbar, who also consolidated control through marital alliances and power sharing with Hindu princes. 9184 or The Government Procurement Reform Act ( ). Most Spaniards lived in cities, either ports or great capitals built on the ruined cities of conquered peoples. Chapter : Problem: corresponding Textbook, economic Development 12th Edition. Soon the model appeared in Brazil and the Caribbean, making New World sugar production more lucrative than silver production. Subsequent voyages proved the Portuguese to be fierce competitors as they burned rival ships and killed their sailors. Decades of war allowed first German princes and then the Dutch to break away from the dominance of Catholic Spain and bankrupted the Spanish Habsburgs. Amerindians were soon pressed into virtual slavery in the search for gold. Declining Amerindian populations opened the way for Europeans but cut short the potential labor force, thus spawning demand for African slaves in America as plantations developed and gold and silver were mined. Europeans sought converts and wealth in Asia.

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After seizing Amerindian stores, the Spanish turned to mining silver from great deposits in Mexico and the Andes. Sixteenth-century Lisbon oversaw the rise of a trading and plantation empire based on small colonies (African islands) and naval control of the trading lanes. If it is a free-for-all-highway, with no stop lights, speed limits, size restrictions, or even lane markers, its surface will be taken over by the giant trucks from the worlds most powerful economies - Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, 2008. Westward voyages OF columbus, columbus changed history but was a product of his times. Refreshment stations were built to accommodate merchants, their animals, and wares. A northern route linked the Baltic Sea and northern China while a southern route brought Chinese and Indian goods through Ottoman lands into Europe. Firms seeking agents or distributors in the Philippines are encouraged to use the services of the.S. To Africans engaged in the capture and sale of slaves to the Portuguese, the high price tag on individuals meant that it was more profitable to sell them than to keep them as agricultural workers, thus contributing to Africas underdevelopment.

Enormous territorial holdings, strategic marriage alliances, and victorious campaigns, however, could not entirely overcome the difficulties of holding a vast empire together. Encomenderos forced Indian laborers to work in mines, on plantations, or on public works for their own profit. Religious rivalries continued to tear at European integrity. Products Services section for more information on using agents and distributors. Department of Commerce utilizes its global presence and international marketing expertise to help.S. Seizing initiative, the Dutch and English expanded ties to Asia and the New World, thus precipitating trade wars. In France, the Protestant king converted to Catholicism and ordered some toleration to stem the violence. On the southern route, Aleppo in Syria dominated silk trade for all Southwest Asia.

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Chapter 12, international, trade, theory and Development, strategy.1 Economic Globalization: An Introduction - Globalization many interpretations -Core economic meaning: the increased openness of economies to international trade, financial flows, and foreign direct investment - Concerns with globalization center around the unevenness of the process and, risks -Inequalities, environment, Damage, dominance of rich countries -Global trade is like a hundred-lane highway criss-crossing the world. . In search of vast profits, European merchants explored the coast of Africa and eventually found a direct passage to Asia. Export Assistance Center, or send an email to [email protected] Aztec Society, the Aztec rulers governed about 25 million people, many of whom lived in large cities administered by an elaborate array of priests, military leaders, and government officials. Chinas burgeoning economy lacked only specie, ensuring that Chinas trading partners had to supply it if they wanted to get Chinese goods.

Disease, however, did much of the fighting for him. Cortés and Conquest, resenting their plight, non-Aztec tribes rebelled, particularly the Tlaxcalans and Tarascans. These mines produced huge quantities of precious metal while also consuming countless lives of the Amerindians compelled to work in them. Commercialization allowed the court to tax as much as one-third of all rural produce. Regrouping with Tlaxcalan allies, Cortés returned with cannon to destroy Aztec resistance. The Catholic Church continued to meet heresy with repression and attack but could not prevail against Protestant notions spread by printing presses. While Europeans slaughtered each other over religious differences, Akbars tolerant policies allowed different religions to coexist in peace. Coastal enclaves sugar plantations beginnings OF THE transatlantic slave trade Transatlantic slaving arose to supply sugar plantations with labor. Mughal India also grew fabulously wealthy through trade. The state, meanwhile, found it increasingly difficult to manage Chinas dynamic system. Discovering no gold or trade route to Asia, they profited by pirating Spanish ships and ports. How does trade alter the distribution of income? Asian relations with europe The Portuguese spearheaded Europes presence in Asia.

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Despite Portugals efforts to monopolize European trade with Mughal India, other Europeans eventually came to be involved. Chinese at court kept most (and the best) of Chinas goods, philippine international trade strategy chapter 12 but a healthy percentage of the goods made it into interregional trading networks where they were exchanged for silver. With more money available, the Chinese could improve agriculture and develop industries like textiles. Both sides gathered armies, leading to the formation of huge militaries comprised of common people. Subscribe to view the full document. There he overcame local resistance, including his own kidnapping, loaded his ships with goods, and sailed back to Lisbon, arriving in 1499. Commercial Service trade specialist in the.S.

With most of the specie and land of the New World controlled by the Holy Roman Empire or Spanish Habsburgs, French, English, and Dutch interests moved to get their share. With the way charted, the Portuguese began establishing a presence at major Indian Ocean ports, including Aden, Hormuz, and Melaka. Catholics also began to emphasize individual spirituality and to more fervently engage in proselytizing efforts as represented by the Society of Jesus (or Jesuits). Nanjing had over 1 million people, while Canton and Foshan alone housed more people than all the city dwellers of Europe combined. Moctezuma sent jewels and prized feathers to the Europeans, but made no effort to fortify his own people. Local overlords thus grew rich while the natives suffered horribly, dying of disease, dislocation, and malnutrition in shocking numbers.

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Spains tributary empire, the Spaniards supplanted the Aztec and Incan hierarchies while leaving most of the administrative structure intact. European naval attacks against Ottoman control of the Mediterranean, however, failed. As in India, the availability of silver stimulated commercialization and the exchange of money instead of kind. Entering the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán, he and his men marveled at its splendor before allying with Aztec rivals, the Tlaxcalans, and capturing Moctezuma. THE revival OF THE chinese economy. Most slaves were men working under extremely harsh conditions on the small plantations. Soon others made the journey west and discovered the significance of Columbuss efforts. As Luthers ideas spread, monarchs and princes favored or opposed them, often offending commoners and precipitating uprisings. You've reached the end of this preview. THE incas, in Incan lands, civil war and disease weakened the Incan regime even before European rivals arrived.

Despite these new contacts with Asia, however, European influence still remained a distant second to philippine international trade strategy chapter 12 that of the great Asian powers. Mughal india AND commerce Powerful and wealthy, Mughal India barely even noticed the European presence. High demand for silver in China and for Chinese goods in other areas allowed trade to expand and connect the entire globe. Smallpox epidemics were soon followed by measles and others, leading to the destruction of about 90 percent of the Amerindian population and leaving the New World wide open to European dominance. Some, like Sir Francis Drake, received commissions from their monarchs to plunder their Spanish rivals. Balance between merchants and the court allowed the Mughals considerable stability. Amerindians got wheat, grapes, sugar, cattle, horses, and a transformation of the local flora and fauna as European plants and animals overwhelmed native species. A rising population, which doubled during the Ming, meant larger markets, thus stimulating economic production. The English, Dutch, and French were not to be left behind. Conquering their own fears of the unknown and misinformation about what lay beyond, the Portuguese eventually rounded Africa. With time, this commitment to religion translated into commitment for this or that nation. Japan supplied much of Chinas silver, but that trade was later eclipsed when huge stores of American silver were discovered. The most significant trading port in the Indian Ocean was Melaka, which bridged trade between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

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Can developing countries determine how much they trade? For more philippine international trade strategy chapter 12 information, visit http export. As printing presses and ardent preachers spread his ideas, they met a receptive audience. The effects of international trade on a countrys development are often related to four basic economic concepts: efficiency, growth, equity, and stability. By 1820, five times more Africans had journeyed to the New World than Europeans. With its network of 108 offices across the United States and in more than 75 countries, the.S. Taxes on trade gave the Ottomans revenues for building military might and helped expansion westward across northern Africa into the Balkans. Companies should visit their agents and distributors to strengthen these relationships and assess the local companies abilities. .

In England, investors formed the English East India Company, which then moved to replace the Portuguese in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf before moving on to India. Get more help from Chegg, get 1:1 help now from expert Business tutors. This Atlantic trade gave Europeans an edge: complete control of a lucrative trade unavailable to anyone else. By the middle of the fifteenth century, the Ottomans were able to take Constantinople and rename it Istanbul. Last Published: 11/27/2018, agents and distributors are commonly used in the Philippines and are essential for most.S. Portugals New World Colony, the pope compelled Spain to share the New World with Portugal. By the end of the sixteenth century, an Atlantic system had emerged based on African labor, American minerals and land, and European technology and military power.