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Rediff forex

rediff forex

"It's a discovery for me and it only shows the distance we have covered in the last 11 years Chidambaram commented at the end of the question-and-answer session. Second, the government may opt for fresh borrowings to meet redemption multibit hd bitcoin cash costs, since international funds are now relatively cheap. The Reserve Bank arrested the fall of the Indian rupee when it tried to cross the.73. The rupee sank by 122 paise in the month of June, taking the total depreciation in May and June to 319 paise or.19. Had exchange rates in Asia or any of the other crisis-hit countries of the developing world been determined by free markets, policy mistakes would not have accumulated as disastrously.

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Both the budget proposals seeking to woo foreign investments, and rediff forex the RBI's announcements cancelling the arbitrage between the money and forex market and reducing the repos rates by one percentage in June failed to change the market sentiments. There is also the argument (though not made by the RBI) that the forex should be used to meet the redemption pressures of the Resurgent India Bonds and India Millennium Bonds. The rupee was traded between.37 and.35 against the pound sterling. "I wish I knew when enough is enough he said. Eddy, the RBI deputy governor who is shortly headed for an executive directorship at the IMF, had just finished a lecture on India's forex reserves and faced a barrage of criticism from the audience. Reddy says that the RBI is being prudent, especially after the crisis in south-east Asia, when reserves vanished almost overnight as panicky fund managers pulled out. A government status report on external debt states that the burden could be mitigated as a significant part of these bonds could be transferred to Indian residents or reinvested as NRI deposits. The six-month annualised premiums and yearly premium were"d higher.30 per cent and.85 per cent respectively. In the world market, the pound sterling remained almost steady, Deutsche mark strengthened while the Japanese yen weakened against the US dollar. Enough is enough for this kind of numbers game. Reserves are now pushing 56 billion.

A 1993 committee under C Rangarajan, former RBI governor, recommended that the target level should be determined in terms of payment obligations in addition to the traditional measure of import cover of three to four months. Last updated: 16 May, 06:36 Forex. Cash to spot dollar was traded between.5-3 paise premium. Meanwhile, the forward dollar premia also eased further against their previous levels. Swedish Krona (SEK).32, swiss Franc (CHF).66, uAE Dirham (AED).08, uS Dollar (USD).19 Find the fund that is right for you. This concept received support from the US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who suggested a liquidity-at-risk rule that would also take into account the foreseeable risks that a country could face.

In recent times, the concept of reserve adequacy has rediff forex been influenced by the former Argentine Deputy Finance Minister Pablo Guidotti, who suggested that countries should manage their external assets and liabilities in such a way that they are always. Each country must develop its own approach. On one point, however, everyone agrees. It's time to look forward says Bhalla. Full capital account convertibility has many advantages.

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First, forex reserves are expected to. Consider the milestones on this journey "from agony to comfort, if not ecstasy as Reddy puts. Bahraini Dinar 180.18, british Pound.18, canadian Dollar.25, chinese Yuan.21, danish Krone.54, euro.72, hong Kong Dollar.95. Five years on, Chidambaram may find himself with more cause for amusement. In 1996, before the economic whirlwind hit, the people of Hong Kong enjoyed a standard of living.2 times higher than that of their Indian counterparts. The rupee opened higher at.31-34 per dollar against Thursday's close of.33-34. That is a tough question, and Reddy was not inclined to put a number. That is why developing countries needed to be more risk-averse and maintain a high level of reserves as insurance.

As the realisation sets in that the government's finances (the fiscal deficit is still worryingly high) and financial systems are not sustainable, the CII's argument goes, there would be an equally quick panic-driven outflow. If the growth rate falls, there could be huge problems about the sustainability of India's debt he says. RBI intervenes to prop up dollar. Forward premium in paise were 5-7 for September, 24-25 for October, 41-43 for November, 60-63 for December, 80-83 for January, 94-96 for February, 112-115 for March, and 133-36 for April. Canadian Dollar (CAD).25, chinese Yuan (CNY).21, danish Krone (DKK).54, euro (EUR).72, hong Kong Dollar (HKD).95, iraqi Dinar (IQD).06, japanese Yen (JPY).64. Various measures have been employed in India thus far to judge reserve adequacy. In May 2002, the kitty crossed 55 billion, of which around 53 billion comprises foreign currency assets and the rest is accounted for by gold. The increasing net outflow by foreign institutional investors rediff forex from the capital markets was one of the major reason behind the major fall in rupee value, dealers said.

Others think that the RBI should use these assets to pay off the high-cost external debt of 108 billion. However, profit booking by exporters at higher levels helped the rupee recover and close at.90/92 level towards the fag end of session. Currency Rates, name, rate, australian Dollar (AUD).68, bahraini Dinar (BHD) 180.18, british Pound (GBP).18. Surprisingly, there is a large lobby that supports the RBI's cautious approach. EUR, uSD, currency Rates, name, rate, australian Dollar.68. The pro-changers point to the huge leaps in living standards in outward-oriented and capital-friendly south-east Asia, which has long since surpassed India on these parameters. A portfolio stock-to-reserves and a net foreign exchange assets-to-currency ratio of not less than 40 per cent.

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'Now the RBI does not want the rupee to firm up beyond.30 said a forex dealer at the leading nationalised bank. For the past few months, these extreme positions have been manifesting themselves in a debate among economists, businessmen, bankers and the RBI over whether India has enough forex reserves. Go for it now says Surjit Bhalla of Oxus Research. In July 1991, the RBI had to temporarily pledge gold to raise loans, and the level of forex reserves at the end of March 1991 was.8 billion. The rupee has lost nearly 65 paise against the US greenback during the month period (August 19-September 19). Otherwise, the Reserve Bank of India fixed its reference rate at.40 as against Thursday's rediff forex rate of.37 per dollar. 'The market definitely will witness a steady trend following Friday's RBI indications the dealers said confidently. The rupee weakened against most of the foreign currencies today and"d.64 per pound,.89 per mark and.07 per yen. The rupee opened lower at.80/85 and nosedived beyond the historic level of.00 immediately after business opened in the Bombay market. The State Bank of India also did not come forward to arrest the fall of the rupee, dealers said. He suggests that in global markets, the rules for developing countries differ from those for developed countries.

Nominal activity was witnessed in the overseas market, dealers said. Moderate import booking was done in dollars, pound sterling, Deutsche mark and Japanese yen. The rupee had suffered a major setback in the month of May, particularly after the nuclear tests were conducted by india. Singapore Dollar.35, south African Rand.94, swedish Krona.32, swiss Franc.66 UAE Dirham.08 US Dollar.19 Find the fund that is right for you Get the Latest Stock Tips. Comfortable forex reserves, india is clearly back in the comfort zone as far as forex is concerned. The import cover, which is 12 times the ratio of reserves to merchandise imports, stood at three weeks of imports at the end of December 1990. Commenting on the day's trading, Anand Nesarikar, forex advisor at the Lloyds Finance, said that 'the central bank want's to educate the market forces in the forex market as well as curb volatility in the market.'. The impact of Moody's downgrading Indian forex rating, and Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha's statement that the government would not defend the rupee has further dampened the forex market today, as the Indian currency crossed the historic level. A related rediff forex issue is whether the system can absorb the risk of instability that comes with faster growth.

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Forward premiums, which shot up in the morning, came down slightly later with exporters selling nearforward dollars while the farforwards remained steady. From agony to comfort. Rupee breaches 43 level, but settles at.92. How much forex is enough, the debate over whether the RBI is "hoarding" or not basically boils down to the question of how much forex is enough. At the end of March 2002, it stood at roughly.5 months. Some economists argue that the central bank is using the south-east Asian crisis as an alibi.